Tyke Witnes was born in Saigon and raised in Toronto, Canada. Spending his youth in Southern California, USA where he became familiar with subcultures such as skateboarding, graffiti and cryptozoology, Tyke’s work since the mid 1980s has continued to explore the meaning and use of public space through these media. Taking notes on the art of graffiti written on the streets, freeways and various walls of San Fernando Valley and LA; gathering local writers to publish books on the genre and creating graffiti yards for active ‘taggers’, Tyke is a member of the Los Angeles’ infamous AWR crew, as well as the NASA crew of Cerritos. He currently resides in Orange County and most recently has founded his own company project ‘EyeWitness’ that produces clothing and collectibles. From the streets of Los Angeles, USA to the gallery walls of Milan in Italy, Tyke has painted and exhibited alongside artists such as Steven Powers [a.ka. Espo], Saber, Revok and Barry McGee [a.k.a. Twist].