Nguyễn Như Huy was born in 1971 in Hanoi. He graduated from Hochiminh city University of Fine Art in 1997, is now living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. His art practice is concerned to the relationship between present and past and the intervention of different temporal-spacial dimensions. Nhu Huy works with various art media, installation art, paintings, photography and relational art. Since 2003-2005, Nhu Huy has been co-founder and editor for the Vietnamese independent online art magazine. Nhu Huy is also an independent curator, critical writer, and a poet. His recent curating project was “ Art in Marathon”, a public art project, which was taken place in the course three months, from September to December 2007, in some public spaces in Hochiminh city. He also wrote and translated widely on contemporary art and art theory as well as participated in the international art symposiums and conferences. The most recent events he took part were international symposium on Vietnam Art, “ Vietnam art post-doimoi”, held at Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and the 5th Asian Curator Conference, organized by Japan Foundation in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia, both in 2009. His newest translation is “Thế Mà Là Nghệ Thuật Ư?”, published by Tri Thuc publisher, translated from the “ But Is It Art”, Cynthia Freeland, Oxford University Press published 2001. In 2008 and 2009, Nhu Huy also had several talks with art students in Hanoi, Hue and Hochiminh city on the subject of reception and creation contemporary art.

Nguyen Nhu Huy is also a curator and a musician. In 2010, he founded Zerostation in Ho Chi Minh City, a studio space for exhibition and residency creating opportunities for dialogue amongst young artists in this city.