Ngo Bao Chau is a mathematician who is best known for his proof of the Fundamental Lemma, an intricate problem in number theory. He has been awarded with the Fields Medal in 2010, which is generally regarded as the highest distinction in mathematics. He teaches in the University of Chicago and also serves as the scientific director of the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics. He is an editor of Inventiones Mathematicae, one of the best mathematical journal.

In his spare time, Châu is a blogger. In his blog thichhoctoan, he writes on mathematics  and sciences, on philosophy and literature, and occasionally on politics and society. He wrote the children’s book “Ai and Ky in the land of invisible numbers” with a popular blogger with the curious name 5xu. He also serves as editor of the books series “The doors wide open” with writer Phan Viet