After traveling from a small town in central Vietnam to Singapore to gain exposure in visual art by enrolling in LASALLE College of the arts, Le Tuan Ry has been exploring mixed-media experiments on combining different materials and techniques in highly patterned, textured abstract paintings. Ry’s art career started in 2017 with his first solo exhibition, “Un Es Sence” at Chaosdowntown, an important art spaces for young artists in Ho Chi Minh City, which was sponsored by the Embassy of Denmark in Viet Nam.

Since then, Ry has exhibited his work throughout Vietnam, Singapore. Myanmar, Thailand and Sweden. Currently, he started “LINE(.)SPACE” project, a project for young art lover in Saigon exhibited there works and make there very first step in art journey. Ry’s abstract metaphors deal with the relationship between humans and their environment, cultural beliefs, and religions, specifically about pathology in the human body, anatomy, life and death, destruction and rebirth. His paintings are abstracted realities and landscapes of the universe, informed by the local cultural contexts of his daily life.