Fuyuki Yamakawa (b 1973, UK) is a ‘Khoomei’ singer, performer, sound creator who lives and works in Yokohama. He completes a Master Course in Tama Art University in 1999, and currently teaches in Tokyo University of the Arts and Tama Art University. His performance often includes his improvisation of musical happenings picks up and amplifying the sound of his heartbeat with an electronic stethoscope. By expressing himself through sound and light, he creates a deep resonance to the space as well as to the audience. His major exhibitions include ‘Setouchi Triennale 2016, Oshima Port Area, Japan (2016); ‘Ominilogue Your Voice is Mine’, NUS Museum, Singapore (2013); ‘Atomic Site’ , Contemporary Art Factory, Tokyo (2011). His recent performances such as “Black Hair Ballad” (2010) and ‘Pneumonia’ (2010) are highly commended. His installation work “The Voice-over”(2008) is collected by Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.