Frédéric Sanchez is a French artist born in 1983. His first solo show took place in Hanoi (2006), where he often travels to develop his researches. Grounded in abstraction field, his work has been shown in the exhibitions «Portrait de l’artiste en motocycliste» and «The artist as a collector» which took place at CNAC of Grenoble (“Le magasin”, 2009), at the museum of fine arts of La Chaux de Fond (2010) at Museum of Contemporary arts of Tucson (MOCA) in Arizona (2010/2011). He took part in exhibitions about globalization and tourism like “Cosmotopia” at “Le Commun” in Geneva (2012) which was for him an opportunity to show other aspects of his work as sculptures related to vietnamese culture or a collection of popular objects found in Vietnamese streets.

Curation is also a part of his art process and he created the nomad gallery called “L’Éclair” to propose collective projects ( Recently in 2013, he integrated “L’École Offshore”, a post master research program which brings artists to develop their researches about globalization in the context of Shanghai.