Duong Manh Hung is a social trailblazer whose recent interests include child welfare, mental health development, LGBTQ rights, and social and environmental activism. Born in 1991, a graduate in the field of psychology from Wabash College, USA, Hung’s main concern in his career as well as daily life is to reach and understand the psyche of human: how we function, react to daily stimuli, and make decisions, provided that we are constantly influenced our surrounding circumstances. Through visual art, Hung wants to see the inner/inter-play of human’s creativity and emotions in the artists’ work. In his free time, Hung likes to invent recipes (at the expense of his tasters) and loose his consciousness in books (the longer the better). He lives in Saigon with his female-bodied queer feminist roommate and their cats, Dill and Liz. And Hung is honored to be a San Art’s talking partner for Saraswati, Sàn Art Laboratory Session 7 resident artist.