Subaquatic echos

Opening: 10.04.2008 @6pm
Exhibition on view until 09.05.2008
Location: Sàn Art
23 Lý Tự Trọng street, District 1,
HCMC, Vietnam


Subaquatic Echos presents the undulating invisible world of nature, the hidden marvels of the tiniest cells of life. Artists Nguyen Son and Christine Nguyen present the microcosm of life as if we are looking through a magnifying lens, the basic units of our universe here rendered large and wondrous, their nebulous forms reminding us of what inspired the genre of science fiction. Jelly fish-like organisms glint with electric light in an underwater blackness in the work of Christine Nguyen, abstract forms fixed to light-sensitive paper using a process similar to that of a photogram. In the work of Nguyen Son, the entangled tendrils of living plant matter twist and turn in a black and white inked landscape as Son’s carefully controlled brushstrokes mimick the surface texture of natural structures.