Opening: 09.05.2013 @6:30pm
Exhibition on view until 04.07.2013
Location: Sàn Art
3 Me Linh
District Binh Thanh,
Ho Chi Minh City



‘San Art Laboratory’ is a studio/residency program to promote creativity by offering young artists in Vietnam the opportunity to practice contemporary art. San Art Laboratory Advisors, our multi-national cross-diciplinary experts, periodically selected the artists amongst a large number of applicants nationwide. Chosen artists then move to live and work at the Lab in Ho Chi Minh City. Within six months, they are given advice and assistance, their ideas continuously challenged by their ‘talking partners’ – established and experienced artists who help these artists-in-residence materialize their visions.

In ‘Session Two’, the artists share three different stories that originate from their individual interests, hobbies and concerns.

Nguyen Huu Tram Kha is a visual artist who has been trained and has always engaged with the art of the printing technique. At Lab, Tram Kha pushes the technique to another depth, at the same time brings it out of its own practical frame. She combines experimentation with sculpture and hand sewn embroidery to tell her story. The contrast between femininity on the outside and the explosive yearning for freedom inside, relating to the role of women in society.

Ngo Dinh Bao Chau brings together peculiar materials and structures to her sculptural works. At Lab, Bao Chau transfers her childhood memory – that of electricity reaching out to the village – into unique forms. She explores the idea of geometry in space and the shadows of city lights, her works an imaginative reconstruction of urban man-made illuminations.

Tran Xuan Anh delights in experimenting with conceptual ideas and their relationship to material. Xuan Anh’s work does not talk about her own story; she delves in to ask of the public’s comprehension and appreciation of art in Vietnam. Her work is interactive, challenging and playful; it will bring the audience into a maze of questions – art vs. not-art, painting vs. contemporary art, the audience vs. the author.