Opening: 14.07.2015 
Exhibition on view until 18.08.2015
Location: San Art and Kick Starter

San Art
48/7 Me Linh, Binh Thanh



This is a very special exhibition of San Art, not only to celebrate San Art Laboratory’s 3rd anniversary, but also to launch a fundraising month for this artist residency program on Kickstarter!

Do you know that this campaign is selected to be non-profit art fundraising by the prestigious art fair Art Basel? Read more about our big campaign on Art Basel’s curated page for Kickstarter at

San Art Laboratory’s program, a 6-month residency program for artists from Vietnam and Southeast Asia, now starts its 7th session. Each session includes 3 artists, 3 unique personalities, sharing a home together, working hard during daytime in the studio, the library or on field trips and drinking at night, discussing art, society, history and enjoying the dance and music with the artist community and local friends. It is a long way through six challenging sessions with a plenty of creativity and critical debates. Almost 20 artists have ‘graduated’ from the program and opened six final exhibitions – the results of the half-a-year questing and discovering in each session. After every session, the close-knit relationship between San Art and the artists is still sustained, specifically with the projects developing with Lab artists for other programs of San Art …

Exhibition ‘San Art Laboratory launches Kickstarter!’ at our Reading Room introduces some excellent artworks in previous exhibitions from the past Lab sessions, such as the shimmering photography lightboxes ‘Blinded girl in the world of light’ (2013) by Ngoc Nau (session 3), the watercolor paintings with silver leaf on Do paper entitled ‘Disparate Invasions’ (2014) by Le Phi Long (session 4), the illusional set of digital print on glass ‘Adaptive method’ (2014) by Lai Dieu Ha (session 4), or the zinc medal named‘Like a variant’ (2014) by Nguyen Tran Nam (session 5). Moreover, the audience can also view the following art-making progress of the Lab artists when they collaborated with San Art, such as through the painting series ‘Education of a poet’ (2014) by Phan Thao Nguyen (session 3) and the video art ‘Journey of a piece of soil’ (2013) by Truong Cong Tung (session 1) in the exhibition ‘Unconditional belief’ within ‘Conscious Realities’. Ngo Dinh Bao Chau (session 2) developed her research on light during the Lab session into new bodies of work for San Art Productions. Tuan Andrew Nguyen and Tran Minh Duc are different cases. Tuan Andrew is among 4 co-founders of Sàn Art, has gone along with the Laboratory as talking partner in different sessions. Tuan Andrew brings an urban breeze to the exhibiting room with his collage on aluminum board ‘Static Friction’. Artist Tran Minh Duc served as a caretaker for the Lab artists during the first sessions. Now he continues his support by contributing his work on Do paper ‘Happiness for everybody’ (2014) to San Art’s Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds for San Art Laboratory.

For the last 3 years, San Art Laboratory have received generous support from various domestic and international sponsors and cultural funds. However, there is no infinite support. It needs more people to pitch in this artistic and educational playground through our Kickstarter campaign. You do not have to give a lot. With only $10, you can contribute to this important platform for Vietnamese and Southeast Asian art, specifically for the artistic production and exhibition of Session 7