Opening: 11.2015 
Exhibition on view until 01.2016
Location: Saigon Domaine
1057 Binh Quoi
Binh Thanh
Ho Chi Minh city


Due to licensing difficulties, we would like to announce that the exhibition is not on (there will be no opening nor any public event). We are very sorry about this problem. Hope to be able to welcome you to other activities by San Art!


This is a group exhibition by three resident artists from Laboratory Session 7: Nguyen Thuy Tien (Hanoi), Ratu Rizkitasari Saraswati (Jakarta), and Vo Tran Chau (Ho Chi Minh City).

Nguyen Thuy Tien is the object of her own study. Borrowing the identity of ‘co Ba’, a fictionalized lady whose image appears as the identity of a popular Vietnamese soap, Thuy Tien then writes, directs, produces, stages, acts, and edits a love story that ends in a murder mystery surrounding this character. Plot twist: knowing the culprit does not necessarily solve this case.

Ratu Rizkitasari Saraswati, otherwise referred as ‘Saras’ invites the audience into a performative dialogue. Her bi-polar world is polarized, where she must balance herself between many opposing forces; it is a labored task. Saras employs different objects: a dead bird, a flourishing plant, a dried branch, or discarded fruits as a new kind of dictionary for mapping her reality and its definition, using her own body to create a performance that speaks of this struggle.

Vo Tran Chau traces the descendants of the Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945) – Vietnam’s last imperial dynasty. The once royal progenies now lead difficult lives, many doing odd jobs for a living. Tran Chau listens to their stories and asks them to give a piece of clothing. She disintegrates the donated pieces to reconstruct a new gown. Whom the new gown embraces, what it tells, and why – we await Chau for answers.