Howdy Cowboy

Opening: 10-21. 11. 2015 & 11-23. 02. 2016
Location: Dia projects (Vietnam) & Toi Poneke Arts Centre, Wellington (New Zealand)


past – present
interconnected – lost
ant – banyan tree branch
ant – peach tree branch
1970 – 2015
Kent State – Ho Chi Minh City
ice cream – sweetened condensed milk bonsai city – owers

Howdy cowboy is a story built from random happenings and experiences. In a similar way that nature and humans interweave their impact upon each other, the artists link fragments of life, history and imagination into a playful narrative. Matthew Logan (New Zealand), an artist in residency with San Art is inspired by the speed, the smell and the heat of Ho Chi Minh City. He continued his practice of sculpting found objects into new structures to materialize his sense of reality, one with Queen Mary and a whale amid the chaos of Saigon. Dao Tung (Vietnam) employs ants, bamboo sticks, and shadows in his videos. The ants don’t seem capable of escaping a circle. Their performance speaks metaphorically of human challenges – in life, are we the ants, or are we the hand that keeps them enclosed, or perhaps we are just a circle of light inserted between darkness? Tran Minh Duc’s (Vietnam) work discusses the layers in history, where events are recorded seemingly on top of one another, giving history a different meaning and poetry. Here Duc juxtaposes his own materials: a stack of condensed milk, a ‘Flower’ neon sign, novels and song to once again visualize history.

The exhibition is on view from November 10th – 21st, 2015 at dia projects, 103 Dong Khoi by appointment, then travels to Toi Poneke, Wellington in 2016. Please view the below links for more information


After a two-month residency at San Art (as part of the residency exchange between San Art and Asia New Zealand Foundation), artist Mat Logan would like to invite peer artists and friends for a casual roundtable chat this Saturday.

Mat will share his working experiences in Ho Chi Minh City in comparision to that in Taipei, 2013. He will also discuss the journey that results in ‘howdy cowboy’ exhibition with local artists Dao Tung and Tran Minh Duc.

Come view the artworks, join the discussion, and karaoke with us afterwards!