Daisy, Daisy – Ode of digits

Opening: 15.02.2014 
Exhibition on view until 25.04.2014
Location: Phuong My Flagship Store
81 Le Thanh Ton Street
District 1
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



“Daisy, Daisy / Give me your answer, do. /

I’m half crazy / all for the love of you.”
(Chorus of the song ‘Daisy Bell’)

‘Daisy Bell’ (Harry Dacre) had become such a popular love song in early 20th century that in 1961 it became the first to be performed by a computer. Another digital version of this romance was sung again by the intelligent HAL 9000 computer during its last generated moments in Stanley Kubrick’s influential sci-fi movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ (1968), as if that computer could have felt love like humans. Such intimacy between humans and technology is now celebrated in Sandrine Llouquet’s exhibition ‘Daisy, Daisy – Ode of digits’.

‘Daisy, Daisy – Ode of digits’ is an exhibition that explores the poetry behind the relationship of humans and technology. Sandrine Llouquet’s large-scale hand-drawn sci-fi characters and landscape installation emerge from an aluminum background, and shine with a mysterious red luster. Using motifs of the science-fiction genre, such as metallic materials, the red light of a spaceship control center, precise laser-cut components and 3-D drawn figures Sandrine depicts various persona of her ideal futuristic woman, the one whom both humans and machines fall in love, like ‘Daisy’ in the song ‘Daisy Bell’. Each persona appears as graphic 3 dimensional drawings inside the windows and on the surface of the glass of Phuong My Boutique, resembling the various stages of metamorphosis of the female body, which parallels the cycle of construction and deconstruction in developing technology. This exhibition proposes a magical futuristic landscape where human desire for transformation pushes the limits of technology and Sandrine Llouquet responds with awe of its potential.

The exhibition is the outcome of the third collaboration between visual artists and fashion designer Phuong My. From shared dialogue about ideas of technology, Sandrine Llouquet is inspired by the designer’s attempt to sculpt the female figure with fabric invented in a scientific laboratory. Consequently, two creative practitioners weld together a desire for the most revolutionized idea of beauty for a futuristic human physique.

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