Workshop with Prasenjit Duara

Opening: 28.02.2014 @10AM – 3PM
Exhibition on view until 01.03.2014
Location: San Art Laboratory
40/18 Phạm Viết Chánh, Bình Thạnh , HCMC, Vietnam



Circular versus Competitive Histories.  History is not only the history of nations and civilizations. History is not tunneled and bounded by the nation. Since the earliest times, events have had their impact far across the borders of their location. How can we understand this other view of history, which in some ways, existed before the modern era?  What are the implications for understanding history in this way for an inter-dependent and sustainable planet?

Sustainability and Crisis of Transcendence: The Long View from Asia. The majority of scientists believe we are in the Anthropocene, when human activity on the planet shapes it more than any other force.  Some believe it is already too late to do something about climate change. But humans cannot live without hope and the seminar looks at the social, political and economic forces that have brought about this situation over the last several hundred years, the role and position of Asian powers in it, and the social responses to it in Asia.