Voracious embrace

As part of exhibition ‘Voracious Embrace: The human/animal interface’ which opened 1st November, Lena Bui gives insight into her work with an artist talk at the Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Museum.

Lena Bui has been working with a number of scientists from the Tripical Medical Research in Hochiminh City for nine months, researching on zoonoses in parallel to the approaches and methodologies taken to unveil the diseases’ pathologies. She has accompanied the scientists to some provinces in Dong Thap and Dak O, then ventured to Trieu Khuc and Can Gio to find herself fascinated by the interactions between human and animals. Lena will share her working experiences with the scientists and the effect of such relationship on her own research as a practicing artist. She will also give light on the works within ‘Voracious Embrace’ exhibition: how she excavated the materials on which the series were inspired, and the stories behind individual works (for example: in the animals’ micro world, in contrast to that of human, movements are constant and beautiful; human fail to perceive this world though it exists mutually with theirs, considering a piece of meat being very recently a living animal breating next to the one who would have soon slaughtered it)