The kingfisher’s beak: open studio & gathering

The kingfisher’s beak: open studio & gathering

Date & Time: Sat, 12th Aug @4:00PM-8:00PM
Location: Sàn Art
Millenium Masteri,
Units B.16 & B.17
132 Ben Van Don, Ward 6, District 4,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Language: Vietnamese/English

“The flight path and the view from the kingfisher’s beak – the art grocery store”

The audience was welcomed to the open studio with the addition of video, site-specific, and photography works in collaboration with friends and colleagues of the artist. Formatted as an intimate party with coffee and some beer, the open studio was an opportunity to review the project’s progress and open up future development opportunities. 

Modeling the form of a “grocery store,” the showcase presents a small source of works as starting points for growing shared values. The works are not treated as fixed commodities, but can be almost disassembled, and “bagged” separately. Current works don’t need statements but focus more on the development of the concept, challenging the way the public perceives the works in which the artist (LiarBen) is often labeled as a painter.

Curator: vicky
Artist: Kingfisher
Painter: LiarBen
Animation artist: Caburn
Model product: Doan Kinh Quoc
Photographer: Hai O.
Booklet design: Vicky & LiarBen