San Art Laboratory Intensive – Day 2

Today, international curators, writers and collectors are looking towards South East Asia with immense interest. In Vietnam, is our artistic community prepared for this attention? Do we want it? What do we need to be aware of, what do we need to prepare and why? ‘San Art Laboratory Intensive’ is a series of conversations that will attempt to answer these questions, kick-started by particular speakers, but ultimately will be considered successful if our audience is willing with questions and comments! – – – – – Tuesday July 17, 2012 ‘Why is it important to understand the relationship between an idea and its technical realization?’  Artist Speakers: Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba, Tiffany Chung, Nguyen Manh Hung Unfortunately in Vietnam, universities do not teach contemporary art history, nor why it is important to understand the critical relationship between idea and technique when making art. As a practicing artist with the ambition to be included in exhibitions locally and abroad and to earn a living from making art – why is it necessary to undertake research on our ideas? Why is it important to understand art’s relationship to other disciplines? Tiffany Chung will discuss the conceptual framework of her artistic practice, which is primarily research driven, that blurs the boundaries between visual art, film, theater, anthropology and sociology. Nguyen Manh Hung will share his journey in relating his ideas to his choice of style and medium. Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba will share his creative process on how he initiates, develops, and “cooks” his ideas into a concept, while elaborating on research as his main tool for realization of his projects. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions on how to experiment with materials, forms and research techniques in pushing the boundaries of what can be considered ‘art’! – – – – – San Art is proudly supported by : Nicholas and Angela Curtis, Sydney, Australia. San Art Laboratory’ would not be possible without the additional support of lab-sponsor-logos