San Art Laboratory Intensive – Day 1

Today, international curators, writers and collectors are looking towards South East Asia with immense interest. In Vietnam, is our artistic community prepared for this attention? Do we want it? What do we need to be aware of, what do we need to prepare and why? ‘San Art Laboratory Intensive’ is a series of conversations that will attempt to answer these questions, kick-started by particular speakers, but ultimately will be considered successful if our audience is willing with questions and comments! – – – – – ‘Why does it matter that we know who we are?’ Artist Speakers: Tran Luong, Dinh Q Le As artists and cultural thinkers, how important is it that we think deeply on who we are, where we have come from and where we want to go. How important is it to make our creative projects relevant and critically aware of the times in which we live? What kind of questions should we be asking ourselves as creative thinkers and why? In a world where our art projects are not only desired to be seen locally, but also abroad, how important is it that we understand how our works are understood between these local and international platforms? Tran Luong and Dinh Q Le  will share their own responses to these questions, referring to their own artistic practices and experiences of doing local and international exhibitions. – – – – – San Art is proudly supported by : Nicholas and Angela Curtis, Sydney, Australia. San Art Laboratory’ would not be possible without the additional support of   lab-sponsor-logos