OPEN CALL: A. Farm Residency 2nd Season!


A. Farm, a Saigon-based residency initiative, looks to support visual artistic experimentations by emergent practitioners with focus on Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Chosen artists will be entitled to specially tailored programs by the two teams, Sàn Art and Mot+++, including and not limited to consultations, in-depth discussions, group critics, visits to local artist spaces, etc… to distill their proposals into concrete deliveries. At the end of their residency, all artists will have the chance to showcase their works in A. Farm premise, plus enjoy further promotion by Sàn Art and Mot+++.

A. Farm offers the following for the successful applicants:
• Production fund of US$850
• Travel fund up to US$220 as reimbursement. Chosen Southeast Asian artists will also be entitled to an amount up to US$190 (as reimbursement) to settle their own visa (both entry and extension) to cover their stay in Vietnam
• Stipend of US$180/month
• A private bedroom, a dedicated studio, and shared facilities such as kitchen and bathrooms
• Curatorial assistance for the entire residency period

What we look for:
• A clear statement of why the artist looks to realize their projects at A. Farm at the time of application (by means of motivation letter)
• A commitment for ongoing artistic practice and experimentation (evident in the artist’s portfolio)
• The potential to learn, develop, reflect, and critically discuss both their artworks and their progress



Please submit by email to, titled “YOUR NAME_Application: Season 2” including:
1. CV (maximum 1 page)
2. Portfolio in PDF (maximum 10 pages not exceeding 6Mb in total) with full details of your selected artworks (image, title, size, media etc.)
3. Cover letter explaining what you aim to achieve personally and professionally from your time at A. Farm

Applications can be made in Vietnamese or English.

Deadline for applications is 31 March, 2019

All applications are assessed by Sàn Art and Mot+++ teams, with final consultation from an experienced external juror. A. Farm aims to ensure gender equity in the selection of residents, and reserves the right to offer the opportunity to the most apt candidate.

Results will be communicated by April 30th 2019.

*** A. Farm also accepts domestic and international applications for a negotiable time and at fee of US$500/month. Applications of this nature can be made following the Application Procedure above and will be reviewed on a rolling basis year round.

Should you have any inquiry please email, titled “Inquiry: Residency at A. Farm”



I am not sure if I am an artist by some definitions, can I apply?

YES PLEASE. Please follow the application procedure and let us hear from you! A. Farm also welcomes curators, researchers, writers and other creatives or academics as we always look to expand the dialogues between our residents. Please inquire via

I am not a practitioner of visual art but another field (research, music, writing, performance, etc…), can I apply?

A. Farm aspires to become a major hub for the cross-pollination of art and ideas while contributing to the evolution of cultural communities across Vietnam and beyond. Although our focus in this period is visual artistic practice, if you find this Call suitable to your practice please do apply and let us know how A. Farm is of benefit to your project in Vietnam this Season. We will assess your application fairly, in consideration of our resources, to decide if we could offer you the best opportunity. You are also welcome to apply for the time-flexible residency. If chosen, you will also enjoy A. Farm assistance during your entire residency.

I cannot commit for 5 months, can I apply for a shorter period?

Artists applying for a funded position as above are asked to be available for the full five month period.

I am from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), can I apply?

YES please, do apply if you are based in Saigon. Please note however that you need to stay at A. Farm the entire period and not commuting from your house to A. Farm only to use certain facility there. One important aspect of a residency is the sense of community, achievable when all resident artists are present. As A. Farm welcomes a dynamic range of interdisciplinary practitioners, you will benefit from being there and participate in the activities available. We will prioritize artists who would like to take full advantage of A. Farm facilities and community.

I have applied before but wasn’t selected. Can I apply again?

YES please. We look forward to hearing from you!


Recognizing that an applicant might benefit in knowing why their application is not successful, A. Farm team will consider giving specific feedback to applicants not chosen for Season 2 but still inspired to apply for the next Season. However due to a large amount of applications, please understand we might not be able to address to all enquiry of this nature.