The nature of light & the phenomenon of installation art

The nature of light and the phenomenon of installation art’, by visiting guests Hap Tivey (artist); Trevor Smith (curator, writer) and Nguyen Nhu Huy (artist/curator). This informal panel discussion will focus on the phenomenon of installation art, using Hap Tivey’s artistic practice as a departure point for further discussion on the history and development of one of the 20th Century’s most significant art forms.

Hap Tivey, an American installation artist based in New York, will discuss the development of his practice, in addition to sharing the work of other fellow installation artists of his generation.

Installation art has become a ubiquitous process of art making across the world. Trevor Smith, previously curator of the New Museum, New York and currently co-curating the Singapore Biennale 2010, will contribute to the discussion of Hap’s work by talking of how installation art questioned the importance of process and ideas in art making. Local curator, artist and writer, Nguyen Nhu Huy, will further share ideas of how Vietnamese artists have taken this international art form as their own artistic language.

Hap Tivey’s solo exhibition ‘Light Shreds: 2000 Car Paintings’ will open at San Art at 6pm on the 31st December 2009. Discussion shall be facilitated by Zoe Butt (Curator and Director, Programs and Development, San Art)