“Looking at the big sky” is a selection of 13 videos by German students from art schools all over Germany, shown in Goethe Institutes worldwide. Sàn Art Laboratory is delighted to host a screening evening of this collection, followed by a lecture by Dr. Renate Buschmann on the German context of video art in Germany and the creative processes of the project participants.

The project title refers to video practices that transcend broders and limitations, give free rein to ideas and encourage radical perspectives. The selected works employ an astonishing variety of motifs and methodologies. Some tell fictional stories through individual assertions and performances, while others utilize a pseudo-documentary formats. Reaching for the sky in so many different ways, the videos sometimes aim at an individual internal view, that finds meaning in the seemingly insignificant and unspectacular, and other times seek to formulate an outlook on the immeasurable and indeterminate.