LabMobile with artist Lan Anh Le

Time: Saturday 16th June, 3:00 – 6:00pm
Location: Chaosdowntown Cháo, 121/61 Lê Thị Riêng, District 1


San Art is pleased to bring our latest LabMobile to Chaosdowntown Cháo to discuss ‘Cactus Desert Thirst,’ Lan Anh Lê’s first solo show curated by Vicky Do. In this multimedia exhibition we are invited to enter Lan Anh’s personal Wonderland as she navigates between conflicting identities, social anxieties and personal growth as an artist. Processes of mending, healing and ritualistic cleansing are at work as she puts the pieces of this puzzle together in a cathartic show.

Our inclusive conversation touches on questions of an artist’s private history and creative process. How does a self-taught artist maneuver between patient discipline and the rawness of one’s emotions? How do past experiences – from activism to research in human trauma – shape the artist’s view of the world? How does one interconnect these conflicting identities in a way that is apprehensible to the audience? How does the curator offer both a safe-space for the artist to express her emotions while not alienating the public?

The session is moderated by Marie David.

*Image courtesy of the artist and San Art.