Lab 7 open studio

Ratu Saras, Vo Tran Chau and Nguyen Thuy Tien will introduce their art projects and the process of implementation in 6 months at San Art Laboratory.

How real is a memory? Can we really preserve the remnants of an experience, whether physical or emotional? These are questions that may or may not lead to the same answer. Yet Thuy Tien pursues them with an obsessive passion Moving to a new city, during this 2 months living under the pink shade and a (nearly) blank state of mind, Thuy Tien is trying to “embalming” myself, to document the feeling she has been through. Therefore, Thuy Tien’s practice is living, just like the journey of writing her own dictionary of herself every day, in which contains dealing with different forms of relationships.

Saras has become aware of the voices inside her head just like the psychological fractures and divides them into two opposites poles. She realized that on one pole, there are voices communicating back and forth; judging both her behaviors and life choices whilst challenging the other pole which aims to support her. Experiencing a constant battle with racing thoughts makes human live in endless delirium, confusing yet inevitable. On this project, she would like to explore parts of ourselves where those voices originated from and stayed in. Once she has managed to do that, she would then proceed to build a conversation between the two.

Tran Chau is particularly interested in costumes. They serve as an indispensable jewelry on the human body and a cover of humans and their ego. In contrast, they are also used to easily recognize and judge human values on the surface. She used the casual clothings of the descendants of the Nguyen Dynasty to restore the Long Con costume of King Nguyen while doing Nam Giao rituals. She found out the contrast between the sumptuous royal costumes of the ancient kings and their current descendants’ casual clothings by breaking the material structure to transform it into an object carrying different shapes and meanings from the original.

You are welcome to discover with the artists!