Lab 5: Open studio & Artist talk by Nguyen Manh Hung

An ‘Open Studio’ is an invitation to see the inside of a working artist’s studio. It is an opportunity to learn more about the process of an artist’s thinking, to see a ‘work of art’ in progress. It’s also a chance to meet the local art community, to get a sense of what kind of contemporary art you like or, don’t like!

Visit Rudy Atjeh, a wizard with cutter knife with his myriad of sculptures from paper. Talk to Nguyen Tran Nam about the design of punishment, and ongoing experiment beginning with stone. Learn what Pham Dinh Tien has pondered from Malaysian airline tragedy in Ukraine, compelled by the power of political perspective in determining blame.

Come and have a drink, share some snacks, and ask a question or two perhaps of what these fabulous artists are up to and why!

** FEATURE @4PM: Artist Nguyen Manh Hung to share his residency experience in Paris!

Working with the Mac Val Museum on the outskirts of Parisfor the past few month, he scored the local flea markets for landscape paintings by French amateur artists that he augmented with his own flair to produce ‘L’avventura – Lang Du’ – a project challenging the determination of value in art. Find out more from the artist himself!