Japan – An artist’s playground

San Art is pleased to present ‘Japan – an artist’s playground’ – an informal discussion between Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) – an art center dedicated to the generation and promotion of new art and culture, from the heart of Tokyo, Japan; San Art and visiting artists Meiro Koizumi (Yokohama),  Yu Araki (Tokyo); Ryusuke Kido (Tokyo); Masaru Iwai (Tokyo), Khvay Samnang (Phnom Penh), Tran Minh Duc (HCMC).

‘Japan – an artist’s playground’ will be a rare opportunity to hear the experiences of artists on residency with Tokyo Wonder Site. You will hear how they have been inspired by Japan and what kind of work they subsequently created/performed. You will discover how Tokyo Wonder Site works and how this dynamic organization might offer an opportunity for you!

Guest artists will speak specifically about their involvement in the TWS ‘Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence’ program, initiated in 2006, as a venue for creative individuals from all genres and nationalities to pursue their respective work in a shared process.

In 2011, San Art and Tokyo Wonder Site initiated an exchange residency program. Ho Chi Minh City-based artist Tran Minh Duc and Yokohama-based artist Meiro Koizumi are collaborative partners in this exchange and San Art welcomes Meiro to Ho Chi Minh City for his solo show, opening at San Art on 23 February, 2012.

Tran Minh Duc shares his experiences of being on ‘residency’, being a part of a large organization such as Tokyo Wondersite, and his excitement at being in a big megapolis such as Tokyo.