Grant writing workshop

Do you need money to make your art? Do you and your friends have an art exhibition that you would like to propose but don’t have the funds? Do you need to travel in order to realize an art project?

Artists all over the world face issues of funding for their projects and were it not for specific art foundations, many art projects would never be realized. Within Asia, there is a small, but growing network of art foundations that offer grants to artists. These grants operate on differing agendas and scale, requiring particular guidelines to be followed in the application process. At this ‘Grant Writing Workshop’, Zoe will discuss the two below foundations, their motivations and application process, outlining what kind of information is required and the necessary strategies of thinking to best articulate how to get what you want.

This is a workshop where you are encouraged to ask questions in order to best learn how to write. Workshop will be held in English and Vietnamese.

Zoe is Co-Director and Curator of San Art and has over 10 years experience in grant writing, with over 10 substantial grants received for her previous work from international foundations.