Exploring Art with Eyes & Colors

Opening: 17.07@9 – 10 AM
Exhibition on view until 21.08
Location: HCMC Eye Hospital
280 Điện Biên Phủ,
District 3,
Ho Chi Minh City


Within the project ‘Unconditional Belief’, Art Labor collective organize the program ‘Exploring Art with Eyes & Colors’ at HCMC Eye Hospital.

This is a series of art classes, which are designed specifically for children inpatients at Pediatrics Department – the inpatients under the age of 15 who are operated, treated and cared at the hospital in 3-5 days. Having decreased vision, these children observe the surrounding and objects differently from normal kids; therefore their ability to perceive colors, shapes, and lines is also different. The program provides the young inpatients opportunity to discover the art world in their unique way. Weaker vision does not mean their world somber. Conversely, they can acquire the artistic capacity even more liberal and eccentric, since their imagination is hardly limited in the things seen by normal eyes. Art Labor hopes to stimulate a belief in colorful and inspirational world from these children inpatients.

‘Exploring Art with Eyes & Colors’ is the beginning step for a bigger public artwork, which the collective will produce at HCMC Eye Hospital. From the inpatients’ pieces, Art Labor will be based on, take inspiration and re-design the interior of Pediatrics Department, to make the patient reception area and staying rooms more artistic and lively. If sickness is a burden causing people lose faith, art may help re-filling their faith almost without any condition, except the imagination and open-minded.