Artist’s Talk: Gabby Miller

Artist’s Talk: Gabby Miller
Disco Hole Research

Time: 02.04.2019 @6:30pm
Location: Sàn Art

Notes from the artist:

“Gabby Miller:

Have been interested in: horizon lines, crossing over by sea, crossing over, heavy crude oil, the pacific ocean, containerships[1], platforms, swimming,

Continue to be interested in: collaboration[2], meditation[3], bodies moving, buff bodies, sex, peep shows, disco, museums, “the anthropocene”/ “living in the ruins”[4], inheritance and trauma, family archives, “the century of progress”, war, buddhism, spatiotemporal transformation[5], gay sex, queers, infrastructure, generosity

Currently more and more interested in: the subterranean, the underground, holes, extractivism, tunnels[6], lazers, LED lights, raves, up + down, verticality, “pepper’s ghost” holograms[7], cheap tricks, magic, illusions, spectacles, theatres, mineshafts, secret knowledge, politics of memory, portals, screens, the possibility of transformation, salvaging, pleasure, inversions, garbage chutes, escape chutes, escape routes[8], cellular levels, the planetary, hot springs, super blooms.

I would like to talk about some of these things together… Thank you.”

[1] See
[2] See Gregory Bateson’s “Steps To an Ecology of Mind.” (1972) 
“That is the sort of world we live in – a world of circuit structures – and love can survive only if wisdom (i.e. a sense or recognition of the fact of circuitry) has an effective voice.” (Bateson 56)
“The organism which destroys its environment destroys itself. The unit of survival is a flexible organism-in-its-environment.” (Bateson 458)
[3] See
I’m helping organize meditation retreats here.
[4] See
I’m working on a team that builds “The Feral Atlas,” a website for scientific research into and research dissemination about feral species and feral dynamics in the anthropocene.
[5] See Nancy Munn’s “The Spatio Temporal Transformation of Gawa Canoes”
[6] See,
my great uncle founded this tunnel boring company.
[7] See
[8] See Félix Guattari’s “The Three Ecologies” (1989)
“It is up to the protagonists of social liberation to remodel the theoretical references so as to illuminate a possible escape route.” (Guattari 42)


Artist’s Statement:

Working across disciplines, I take an open ended, meditative approach to art making, shifting between process-oriented solitary work and collaboration.”