Culture as driver for development

‘Today we are able to witness some of the world’s major heritage sites and rich cultural legacies: remnants from diverse world civilizations; from Machu Picchu to the Ancient Pyramids, from the Colosseum to the Parthenon, Angkor Wat and the Taj Mahal. […] Culture and the arts play a vital role in generating intellectual inspiration, reinventing traditions and generating social cohesion. Arts and culture shape our future; but moreover it is also often a solution to social problems within communities throughout the world. […] Artists have been instrumental in redefining development in addressing difficult social issues. Arts engage the public to think creatively and thus generates inspiration and innovation for development on a broader social level.’

– Boris Dittrich

Mr.Boris Dittrich, board member of the Prince Claus Fund, will visit Vietnam in October 2015 and deliver a talk on the motivating power of arts and cultures, illustrated by artistic or community projects worldwide. Please come share your thoughts!

Entrance is free. Translation will be provided.


The Prince Claus Fund Network Partnership with San Art empowers ‘Conscious Realities’ program 2013-2016.