Luz Angela Lizarazo

Luz Ángela Lizarazo makes drawings, objects and installations that speak to the feminine condition, the fragility of life, vulnerability and the need for protection. The domestic realm appears as a recurring theme in her work, as do crafts traditionally associated with women like sewing or knitting; images such as flowers and birds; jewellery techniques like lost-wax casting; and delicate materials like porcelain, glass, gauze and human hair. But her images, paradoxically, are not “feminine” in the stereotyped sense of the term, revealing themselves as deeply disturbing and not complacent. In her more recent works that will feature in ‘Irregular Hexagon’, Lizarazo creates drawings based on the intricate patterns of gratings used to protect windows and doors; these forms are blown up to architectural proportions with stencils and applied to walls, or used in windows to create interplays of light and shadow; sometimes collecting actual gratings and piecing them together into large sculptural objects.

The talk is part of ‘Irregular Hexagon: Colombian Art in Residence – Luz Ángela Lizarazo’ exhibition, which opens Thursday 12 July @ 6pm @ Sàn Art.