‘Ghost’ in mythology, history and contemporary culture

Opening: 25.05.2013 
Exhibition on view until 26.05.2013
Location: Sàn Art
3 Me Linh, Binh Thanh




This is a workshop given by Indonesian artist Jompet Kuswidananto, a visual artist whose interest in theatre and music has contributed to an artistic practice largely inspired by the re-discovery of cultural historical texts. In much of his work, the idea of a ghost as a forgotten memory or haunting social presence has given birth to kinetic installations where symbols such as military costume come alive with sound and light.

In his one-month residency with San Art Jompet has continued his fascination for ghosts with an intrigue for the historical Vietnamese stories such as ‘Truyền Kì Mạn Lục’ and The Case of Lychee Garden. In the workshop Jompet shares his practice; with guidance from Nguyễn Tiến Văn – translator, writer and literature critic – who gives insight into the role of mythology in Vietnam. Following this, an actor reads a version of these historical texts and then the audiences are invited to help the artist unpack its meaning and relevance to contemporary society today.

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Jompet Kuswidananto is in Saigon for one month as part of Prod/Ponder is part of a large artistic endeavour called ‘Conscious Realities’, initiated and organized by San Art in partnership with Prince Claus Fund.