Phu Nam

Born in the year of the Wood Tiger, Phunam followed the footsteps of his late father in antiquities and film making. With antiques, specializing in restoration of Khmer and Vietnamese stone and bronze antiques sculptures, Phunam extended the scope of his restoration work with traditional Thai bronze buddha casting in Thailand and oil painting restoration in Vietnam. Trained by his father in photography since the age of 9, Phunam is also a self taught cinematographer and has directed photography for many television commercials, music videos, documentaries, short films and television...

Vietnam Pho Sho

This project aspires to be an introduction that will hopefully spark the first of many collaborations between the Philippines and Vietnam.

Time ligaments

In this exhibition nine perspectives grapple with the persisting memories of a country, of a particular space, where the past stubbornly weaves a lingering thread in the literal and mental landscape of the everyday.