San Art Laboratory Intensive

‘San Art Laboratory Intensive’ is a series of conversations that will attempt to answer these questions, kick-started by particular speakers, but ultimately will be considered successful if our audience is willing with questions and comments!

Art in the auditorium (2nd Screening)

Screening for the second time due to popular demand Sàn Art in collaboration with Open Stage Vietnam, Hanoi DOCLAB and Whitechapel Gallery, London, presents ‘Art in the Auditorium’ – a selection of short film and video art by artists from Germany, Norway, Turkey, Lebanon, Chile, New Zealand and America. Initiated in London, and having toured to all countries of participating artists, ‘Art in the Auditorium’ presents techniques of stop-motion graphics; documentary collage; performance and short film narrative to illustrate personal stories that are at times religiously zealous, culturally specific, fictionally...

Art in the auditorium

Screening for the second time due to popular demand Sàn Art in collaboration with Open Stage Vietnam, Hanoi DOCLAB and Whitechapel Gallery, London

Signs and signals from the periphery: Ho Chi Minh City / Medellin

Opening: 02.09.2011 @7pm Exhibition on view until 15.09.2011 Location: Casa Tres Patios Carrera 50A, # 63-31 Medellin, Colombia     Two cities, similar social realities, mirrored at certain physical junctures Two cities healing from a history of political conflict and trauma One uses restriction of knowledge as method of protection, while the other seeks to disseminate knowledge as a method of protection A project in progress …… We have been hitting the streets near daily since arrival in Medellin, our local collaborators introducing us to the tangible and intangible creative...