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Why should you support San Art?

Because you believe the arts, and the expression of them, is a driver of development and renewal

Because you want to be at the frontline of social change working with a visionary, internationally recognised organisation

Because you want to enable a creative community to fulfill its potential

Because you want to work with an organisation that seeks to advance creative criticality and achievement


  • Nicholas and Angela Curtis, Sydney, Australia
  • Vietnam Foundation for the Arts
  • Daniel Howald
  • Nguyen Hong Minh



Status of San Art

Sàn Art is a non-profit organization established with the support of the ‘Vietnam Foundation for the Arts’ (VNFA). In Vietnam, ‘non-profit’ status does not legally exist. Also, no art council exists to support independent artists and arts organizations. In order for Sàn Art to continue its focus on experimental contemporary art practice, we are constantly seeking external funding from abroad to run its programs. In addition to applying for international grants for relevant exhibitions and projects, Sàn Art seeks generous donation by individuals, business corporations and sale of work by artists it collaborates to assist ongoing infrastructural and programming costs – WE NEED YOU!

Most of the works presented by Sàn Art is available for sale, and all proceedings go towards artist and community in our mission as non-profit in a country with no financial support for contemporary art.

For further information on the artworks, or how you might support Sàn Art, please contact via the phone number or email below. Thank you!

Donation Contact

T: +84 (0)163 981 1696
E: hello@san-art.org

Vietnam Foundation for the Arts

The VNFA is a non- profit organization based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Los Angeles, USA. The VNFA aims to provide Vietnamese artists with the opportunity to experience International contemporary art first-hand while at the same time introducing the richness and diversity of Vietnamese art and culture abroad. This organization supports lectures, seminars, exhibitions and workshops. Based on the above, the activities of the organization are literary, educational, and charitable within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code


Image credit: Tuan Mami, ‘Today, A Dead Cockroach Family’ (detail) 2012