Zach Sch’s present practice seeks out points of dialogue between compositional and the visceral, textural capacity of sound. This includes the physicality of sound as an environmental medium and explorations of new dynamics in compositional structure and sound design. Beside his solo work, he is a member of Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective and Mona Evie which are sound based multi-media projects in which he co-shares conceptual productions, and engineering duties.

Recent collaborations and residencies have pushed his research towards developing techniques and technologies that reframe approaches to aural art and ethnomusicology. An ongoing project looks into reclaiming the Đông Sơn drum, a traditional instrument of the northern Bronze Age Lạc Việt peoples through digital technologies. With his writing partner Nhung Nguyen, they are also creating works spanning across fields of contemporary classical music and installation/ multimedia art.

New projects include Hồi Sóng / (r)tu(r)n with Nhung Nguyen and Sàn Art, and a new album soon to be released on Subtext Recordings in June. His work has been featured in galleries and programs in the UK, Japan, France, South Korea, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Germany, Colombia, Australia, the Netherlands, China, Switzerland, and the US.