Trà Nguyễn has been Manager of Sàn Art, the longest-run independent art organisation in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam since 2012. Apart from her role in executing interdisciplinary cultural, educational events of Sàn Art, independently, Trà writes theatre plays, fiction, and short stories in both Vietnamese and English. She is part of two regional networks of creative producers: Regionally Speaking, initiated by Asia Institute, Griffith University, Australia (March 2017 – current): Cultural Advocacy, Diplomacy and Leadership from ASEAN to Australia; and Curators Academy, conceived and organized by TheatreWorks, Singapore (January 2018 – December 2019): a training ground for aspiring curators in South East Asia to develop a context when there is little or none, for ‘growing’ performance which engages and interrogates the politics of the local, the site.