A graduate of Ho Chi Minh City’s Fine Arts University, Ngo Dinh Bao Chau soon gained appreciation for her versatility in applying various expressions of art such as painting, installation and sculpture on diverse materials. Born in 1986, she combines the original nature of an object or phenomenon with her imagination to re-conceptualize them in her way of interpretation. Since 2009, one year before her graduation, Ngo Dinh Bao Chau has participated in many exhibition projects and quickly gained attention of local and international art world. Some of the exhibitions are: “My Eldest Sister” (San Art, 2010, Vietnam), Pharmacide (Meta House, 2012, Cambodia), “Silk of Light” (San Art, 2013, Vietnam), “Out of Nowhere (Sao La, 2014, Vietnam), “Bất Phân Thân” (Nha San Collective, 2015, Vietnam) or “ She” (Sweet ‘Art, London, UK, travelled to Little Pink Monster Gallery, TX, USA 2016), “Body Bouquet” (Welch Gallery, 2015, US) ,“Where The Sea Remembers” (The Mistake Room, 2019, US), Block of Silence (2019, Vietnam) and solo show Towards Realist Socialization (Galerie Quynh, 2020, Vietnam).