Lê Triều Điển grew up in the Mekong Delta before moving to Saigon to study at Phu Tho Polytechnic College. Completely self-taught, he spent over 40 years developing a singular style of painting outside of academic traditions or artistic trends. Inspired by his memories of Ben Tre and Vinh Long, he creates introspective and intuitive works translated through bold colours, strong brushwork and symbolic lines and shapes. He writes “for me, painting is nothing high-toned, or mysterious. It is everyday life, like breathing, eating, drinking; it is the action to survive in life”. He lives in Ho Chi Minh City with his wife, poet and artist Hong Linh (Pham Thi Quy), and exhibits extensively in Vietnam and abroad.

Notable past exhibitions include ‘The Beginning of the Beginning’, Luziger, Ho Chi Minh City (2020) ; a residency and exhibition at Saint Bonnet le Chateau (2019) ; ‘Reminiscences of the Mekong River’, Galerie Dumonteil, Shanghai (2019), ‘Imprint’, Galerie Dumonteil, Shanghai (2015) ; Galerie Dumonteil, Paris (2012) Ham Long Artists Village exhibition, Ho Chi Minh City (2002) ; Fine Arts Association exhibition, Ho Chi Minh City (1995). His work has also been showcased in Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia.