Venus in Vietnam

In honor of an extraordinary artist Vu Dan Tan, whose exuberant and wide-ranging practice is identified with Vietnam’s contemporary vanguard of recent decades, Goethe-Institut is proud to present the exhibition Venus in Vietnam.

This exhibition, carefully conceived by Iola Lenzi in collaboration with Natalia Kraevskaia, not only highlights the pioneer artist Vu Dan Tan, but puts him in dialogue with an artist of the younger generation, Nguyen Nghia Cuong.

Venus in Vietnam is an extremely multilayered exhibition, and it invites the audience, to discover, reflect and debate.

An art conversation between Iola Lenzi, Natalia Kraevskaia, and Nguyen Nghia Cuong will also be held on Sunday, 12 January 2014 to unveil more on the evolution of women’s theme in creative work of Vu Dan Tan, in parallel with Nguyen Nghia Cuong’s perspective on women and his use of artistic practice to explore this central topic.

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