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Australian War Memorial Project in Ho Chi Minh City and Canberra

Sàn Art is very happy to announce a collaboration with the Australian War Memorial museum (AWM) in Canberra, with artists James Nguyen and Nguyễn Thị Thanh Mai.
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San Art 2017

From January 2017, San Art will enter a new phase. We will explore a spaceless operation while maintaining the strategic facilitation between artists and the local/international art industry.
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Embedded South(s): the Online Moving-Image Exhibition

Between 3-6 November 2016, San Art sponsored an online moving-image exhibition called ‘Embedded South(s)’. Screening worldwide, it featured the work of 29 artists (short film, documentary and video art) from South Asia, South East Asia, Latin America and Africa.
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Venus in Vietnam

In honor of an extraordinary artist Vu Dan Tan, whose exuberant and wide-ranging practice is identified with Vietnam’s contemporary vanguard of recent decades, Goethe-Institut is proud to present the exhibition Venus in Vietnam at Ho Chi Minh Fine Art Museum from 10 January 2014, 6:00pm This exhibition, carefully conceived by Iola Lenzi in collaboration with Natalia Kraevskaia, not only highlights the pioneer artist Vu Dan Tan, but puts him in dialogue with an artist of the younger generation, Nguyen Nghia Cuong. Venus in Vietnam is an extremely multilayered exhibition, and...
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