Sep 12 2016

Zoe Butt steps down as Director of Sàn Art in December 2016

Since 2009, Zoe Butt has taken the helm of directing, sustaining and curating Sàn Art, building and implementing signature programs that have greatly contributed not only to the international reputation of our organization, but also the critical growth of artistic and curatorial practice in our local and regional community. It is with great pride, and sadness, that we farewell her leadership of Sàn Art, though we are happy to know that she will continue working in Vietnam. From February 2017, she will begin her new role as the ‘Artistic Director’ of ‘The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre’ – the first social enterprise, with purpose built space for contemporary art, in Ho Chi Minh City.

‘It is with great honor and fondness that I resign from my role at Sàn Art. It has been an incredible personal and professional journey for me. I am indebted to: the founders and board members for their strategic guidance; to the sponsors for their support; to the artists and participants of our programs who have recognized and valued our desire to showcase their voice; to the general arts-loving community for their attendance of our activities; and last but not least, a tremendous thank you to past and present members of the Sàn Art Team. I am so proud to look back at our achievements and know that we could only have done it together. I look forward to collaborating with Sàn Art in the future and shall always remain its avid fan.’

In 2017, Sàn Art shall continue its commitment to furthering awareness of contemporary art, providing opportunities for our local artistic community to the best of our capacity. Next year, Sàn Art’s Reading Room and offices will possess new headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, continuing to facilitate introductions between our local and visiting guests. We will keep you posted on its location and programming!

Sàn Art