May 22 2015

News from San Art residency programs!

98B (Manila, the Philippines) to host Le Giang in an expansion of ‘Conscious Realities’

A part of Conscious Realities, ‘Prod/Ponder’ now expands from Vietnam to broader Southeast Asia! San Art now partners with 98B – one of the most active art spaces in Manila to host a Vietnamese artist for two months in 2015.

Artist Le Giang is invited to be the debut artist of this collaboration thanks to her highly research-based practice, which echoes ‘Conscious Realities’. She focuses on social sciences as key methodology in visual art, and the sustainability of natural resources in economic and society development.  In August and September 2015, Giang will live and work at 98B, spending time with different communities in Manila.

Here is a brief introduction of Le Giang’s thematic residency at 98B:

‘The Philippines is a country that walk the tight rope between human-led changes and the chaos of nature; the wild Pacific ocean, the great mountainous regions lay in contrast to the orderly arrangement of urban forms and human settlements. At this juncture between chaos and order we undoubtedly witness violent conflicts: deadly storms tear up cities and powerful axes cut down forests. What is the relationship between the natural and the human-made in this context? How does their interactions impact one another; what would be left in an absence of nature, or human?

I am intrigued by questions of how natural systems functioned with a total absence of humankind, what our legacy would be, and what species, if any, would dominate the planet in our stead. I want to explore the physicality of human labor in post-human context: after all that intelligence and ingenuity, what would remain of our ruins, our monuments, and our artifacts?’


Bamboo Curtain Studio (Taiwan) to welcome Le Phi Long as part of the 2015 2016 residency exchange with San Art

Sponsored by Taiwan Ministry of Culture, the residency exchange between San Art and Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) is an opportunity for the artists to engage with new ideas and discussions in a different environment than his/her own, thus enabling essential possibilities in artwork production, skill development, and networking. BCS has welcomed artist Lena Bui in 2013, and San Art hosted artist Chien Pang Chou in 2014. For 2015, BCS jury has selected artist Le Phi Long for a two-month residency in Taiwan!

Throughout this year, creative workers from various fields are invited to respond to the theme of ‘Social Changes’ and to exhibit the outcome at BCS. This is how Le Phi Long envisions his research:

“I come from Hue, the central of Vietnam, where storms and floods rage year in, year out. People learn how to deal with it: adults prepare evacuation and storage; children learn to swim or to make simple banana boats to move household appliances to high places during flood season. Taiwan, an island on Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire, endures thousands of earthquakes every year. I have seen a documentary depicting a group of pupils who put their bags on their heads and followed their teachers to find shelters in an earthquake; I also see people dance to a tune while climbing. Living under conditions of vibrating land, Taiwanese people still manage to turn it into a developed country.

Bamboo Curtain Studio is next to Giangmingshan National Park – the only park in Taiwan with volcanoes and hot springs. It is perfect for me to learn about the relationship between the natural topography, the urban life and the people of Taiwan. I will use various mediums of Land Art, photography, video, and sketching to carry out my research, and I will build a body of works from my findings.”


San Art congratulates both artists for the wonderful opportunities, and looks forward to learn about their coincidently similar explorations between nature and mankind in the Philippines and Taiwan!