Aug 21 2015

Le Giang and her residency in Manila, Phillipines

Le Giang – Prod/Ponder artist in Conscious Realities program has arrived in Manila and started to engage herself in the local artistic community thanks to the amazing host of 98B. Le Giang will stay in the Philippines for 2 months to do anthropocentric research about post-disaster relationship between human and nature.

She shares with us some of her first impressions of the city:

‘Being in Manila for the first time is sure different from being in Hanoi where I come from. Metro Manila amazes me with its significant gap between the rich and the poor, the contrast between life in big shopping malls and that of people on the streets, the adjacency of nature and a modernized city. Needless to say, it’s an interesting chaos to explore and find inspiration. I’m so lucky to have friends from 98B Collaboratory to assist and show me around the city. They have been very friendly, helpful, so much fun to be with and make me feel I belong to a family. I’m looking forward to conducting a fruitful research in my residency.’

We are excited to learn more of her residency and look forward to her upcoming activities (a talk or even an exhibition!) at 98B.