Dates: November 8, 2007 - December 15, 2007
Curated by: Tiffany Chung
Artists: Takashi Arai
Bùi Thê Trung Nam
Stephanus Kim
Miles Ladin
Scean Mitchell aka Soundproofgreay
Junko Ito

City Panoramic is an attempt to re-imagine the urban landscape and to understand our experience of the city through photography. While some of the works examine whether the city architecture fits within the natural landscape or is an intrusion to it, others attempt to re-define nature within the urban context. These works also reflect the urban experience of city inhabitants through their repetitive mapping, speed and impulse.

Another important aspect of City Panoramic is that participating artists were asked to digitally ship their photographs to Viet Nam. This has in turn added another layer to the contemporary notion of urban dynamic is that its references of physical landmarks and borders are profoundly being replaced by the invisible boundaries of digital networks and wireless technologies. Thus, City Panoramic doesn’t just document the tangible manifestations of the never-ending process of urbanization but rather explore its underlying meaning and structure by investigating the social and cultural impacts.

Photo Gallery:

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