Contemporary Chinese photography

Presentation: ‘Contemporary Chinese Photography’ by curator-in-residence, Zoe Butt (Director, International Programs, Long March Project, Beijing)...

The Fragile frontier

This exhibition attempts to explore, together with Sai Gon street artists, the significance of graffiti as a strategy, formally and conceptually, within the different structures that desire to control it, claim it, co-opt it, adapt it and even eliminate it.

Long March Project – An international journey

Curator-in-residence, Zoe Butt (Director, International Programs, Long March Project, Beijing) gives a presentation about ‘Long March Project. On June 28, 2002, the Long March Project started its journey with ‘A Walking Visual Display’, leaving from Beijing towards the first historical Long March site of Ruijin. On September 9, 2002, after completing 12 of the 20 planned sites of  ‘A Walking Visual Display’, this Long March troop returned to Beijing where Long March Space was officially established in early 2003…. and so began a new period of Long March Project continuing...

Talk: Alma Ruiz & Carolee Thea

Curator of Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (LA MOCA), Alma Ruiz and freelance curator and writer, Carolee Thea gives a presentation about their institution and practices. Thea discusses about her book, ‘Foci’, which includes interviews with 10 international curators: Dan Cameron, Hou Hanru, Yuko Hasegawa, Maria Hlavajova, Vasif Kortun, Kasper Konig, Barbara London, Rosa Martinez, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, và Harold Szeemann. Ruiz talks about Latin American art exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, starting from Rosângela Rennó’s Cicatriz project in 1996 to her latest project ‘Poetics of...

City panoramic

City Panoramic doesn’t just document the tangible never-ending process of urbanization but also explores its underlying meaning and structure by investigating social and cultural impact