Living the local

‘Living the local” is a panel discussion in association with the exhibition ‘Diary of a Travelling City’, co-moderated by Zoe Butt (San Art curator-in-residence) & Philippe Peycam (Center for Khmer Studies, Siem Reap, Cambodia). The discussion is co-organized by the Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Association....

Diary of a traveling city

‘Diary of a traveling city’ is an exhibition that responds to the lived knowing of ‘Sai Gon’

Contemporary Chinese photography

Presentation: ‘Contemporary Chinese Photography’ by curator-in-residence, Zoe Butt (Director, International Programs, Long March Project, Beijing)...

The Fragile frontier

This exhibition attempts to explore, together with Sai Gon street artists, the significance of graffiti as a strategy, formally and conceptually, within the different structures that desire to control it, claim it, co-opt it, adapt it and even eliminate it.