Above the sky, under the sea

Opening: 15.09.2011 @6pm Exhibition on view until 03.11.2011 Location: Sàn Art 3 Me Linh Street Binh Thanh District Ho Chi Minh City Truong Cong Tung is a quiet and industrious thinker who is artistically compelled by the physical and psychological experience of space. This space is a mental state of mind while also a physical environment. Concerned with ‘space’ as a terrain governed by human ambition, be it dictated by government, family or an individual’s ego, this exhibition takes us on a journey that illustrates his deciphering of this duality....

Signs and signals from the periphery: Ho Chi Minh City / Medellin

Opening: 02.09.2011 @7pm Exhibition on view until 15.09.2011 Location: Casa Tres Patios Carrera 50A, # 63-31 Medellin, Colombia     Two cities, similar social realities, mirrored at certain physical junctures Two cities healing from a history of political conflict and trauma One uses restriction of knowledge as method of protection, while the other seeks to disseminate knowledge as a method of protection A project in progress …… We have been hitting the streets near daily since arrival in Medellin, our local collaborators introducing us to the tangible and intangible creative...

Taking painting for a walk

Chic Portrait Cafe in collaboration with San Art holding two evening lectures of Curator & Co-Director of San Art, Zoe Butt.:"TAKING PAINTING FOR A WALK".

Shaping a line

Shaping a Line’ will showcase the work of eight local artists whose training in various backgrounds, such as architecture, illustratration, animation and fashion.

State of independence: A global forum on alternative practice

Zoe Butt, Sàn Art co-director, participates in this two-day international forum that convenes artists and curators from Asia and Latin America for discussion and debate on the state of independent spaces and alternative practices. For more information please visit: http://www.redcat.org/event/state-independence  ...