Opening: 22.02.2008 @6pm
Exhibition on view until 22.03.2008
Location: Sàn Art
23 Ly Tu Trong, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City




Goh IDETA’s works are basically related to his fundamental questions about the relationship between perceptions and experiences. Differentiations of perspective and relativity have been becoming more important issues in particular. His ideas are mostly constructed as structures, like simple geometrical forms. He makes space installations that are often formed passage-like structures or inner space where people can have body experiences, and incorporate contrivances for interactivity so that the situation of the space changes by the reactions of people. These are made with mostly architectural materials such as wood, metal, plastic, fabric, rubber etc. and sometimes with video projection and other medias as well. Recently he often uses light as an essential material in his works.

‘Scanning’ is about being able to see and to be seen. It’s an interactive installation with light, made out of three lighting devices projecting light of thin vertical white line on the wall. Those spotlight-like lighting devices spin with motors activated with infrared sensors by motions of people. Three lines on the wall move horizontally along the wall individually with different speed. The room is pretty dark and people can see only where the lines go through – like scanning. When it’s still, you can only see the static lines in the dark, but when it moves, you can have an experience of the space by accumulating the fragments of information. Each device has two sensors so that it can spin in both ways, one and the other, and it stops after a few seconds without activation on the sensors. It makes quite diverse effect in the space interacted by people. The lines are not only scanning the space but also spectators in this space, that deconstruct the relationship of subject and object, or seeing and being seen.