Japan – An artist’s playground

‘Japan – an artist’s playground’ will be a rare opportunity to hear the experiences of artists on residency with Tokyo Wonder Site.

Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen

Please join us for a talk by artist Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen, hosted by Galerie Quynh, co-organized by San Art and dia/projects.

Tomas Vu-Daniel & Phong Bui

Organized by San Art In collaboration with Galerie Quynh Translation from English to Vietnamese will be provided thanks to Lena Bui. Tomas will discuss his work in his solo exhibition ‘Flat Lands’ (on view at Galerie Quynh opening Thursday May 12), while also discussing his broader practice as artist and teacher. Phong will discuss his project ‘To Ho Chi Minh City with Love: A Social Sculpture’ (open at San Art from Friday May 20), while also sharing ideas and strategies behind his diverse and prolific practice. …. ‘Flat Lands’ by...

AAA mobile library – Books set sail: Trương Công Tùng & Jaffa Lam

Local artist Truong Cong Tung and Chinese artist, Jaffa Lam, discuss their respective artistic practices. Truong Cong Tung is based in Ho Chi Minh City and will share his process of book making and turning these into sculptures. Jaffa Lam is based in Hong Kong. Her projects engage ideas of history, social themes and cultural or urban issues, often through audience participation and collaboration with other craftsman (http://www.jaffalam.net). Jaffa Lam is the artist who designed the soft sculptures that hold the books of ‘Open Edit’....

AAA mobile library – Books set sail: Phượng & Khoa

Presented as part of ‘Books set sail’, Phượng and Khoa discussed their edit of books on Pakistani artist, Mohammed Imran Qureshi and ‘The First Stop on the Super Highway’ from the Nam June Paik Centre in Seoul. In addition, they presented ‘Random Things’, where audience members were invited to contribute to a drawing game, inspired by the books of ‘Open Edit’.  ...