Workshop with Thanes Wongyannava

In this workshop session, Thanes Wongyannava discusses the ideas concerning ‘Buddhocentrism’, which embraces the idea of Buddhism as a system of ideas in contemporary life that has moved away from a focus on ‘enlightenment’ towards a belief in all things ‘delightful’ – meaning a focus on anything that entertains, satiates desire and is popularly in demand.

Thanes Wongyannava also discusses the concept of ‘polizei’ as an idea of how the modern state manipulates and controls its citizens (Thanes states that polizei was actually meaning something utterly different to the concept of   ‘police’ as we know today).

What would happen to an art world if its objects are without name? Thanes will refer to Las Meninas by Velazquez, an artwork that was named many years after the artist died.